About Us


Aspirus Grand View Auxiliary and senior and junior volunteers provide essential help to patients, visitors, and employees of Aspirus Grand View .

In addition to learning new skills, staying active and useful, and exploring health care careers, volunteers also receive benefits for their services:

  • Free coffee and muffins
  • Free in-services and luncheons
  • Free flu shots
  • Insurance coverage while on duty

Senior volunteers
Our senior volunteer program offers the following opportunities:

  • Registration desk.
  • Surgical desk.
  • Pink Lady Auxiliary gift shop.
  • Lifeline.
  • Patient escort services.
  • Community wellness programs.

Junior volunteers
Our junior volunteer program offers excellent opportunities to learn about health-related careers and is an excellent experience for young adults. We also offer a number of ways junior volunteers (ages 14 to 18) can volunteer during the summer months, with a limited number continuing throughout the school year as part of their school’s contracting program.

The junior volunteers and contracting students assist the staff in nursing, social services, public relations, nutrition services, community wellness, radiology, physical therapy, material management, and the clinics.

For more information about volunteering at Aspirus Grand View, please call DeeDee Lorenson at (906) 932-6209.