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Days are hectic enough without suffering the adverse effects of sleep disorders. And yet, fatigue and sleep deprivation affect 100 million Americans of all ages–about one in three of us. If you’re not sleeping at night or are exhausted during the day, you probably have difficulty concentrating on simple day-to-day tasks. Your performance at work or school suffers severely. Your immune system weakens, leaving you ill-equipped to ward off even a common cold. But that’s just the beginning. Long-term sleep deprivation can interfere with your most important personal relationships. It may lead to severe anxiety or even depression, and in the worst cases, can even cause life-threatening illnesses.

A significant percentage of our population suffer from sleep disorders. The majority of people just accept interrupted sleep as a way of life, but there are more than 70 types of sleep disorders. There may be a medical reason for having trouble sleeping and it’s very treatable.

Trained sleep physicians interpret the studies and make the diagnosis of a sleep disorder. The patient will come to Grand View, spend the night and be on the way to a treatment plan by the time they wake up the next day.

Our services include:

  • Full-service sleep laboratory with a complete array of diagnostic and therapeutic testing
  • Quick, reliable testing results
  • Innovative, progressive treatment options
  • Relaxing, patient-friendly environment
  • Comfortable hotel atmosphere for patients spending a night at the clinic

Common Sleep Disorders Include:

Sleep apnea
The most common of all sleep disorders, sleep apnea is marked by frequent, brief pauses in breathing during sleep. So many interruptions in sleep cause excessive daytime fatigue. Sufferers do not always know they have the disorder–their bed partners hear loud snoring and choking sounds. A very serious ailment, sleep apnea can lead to a reduction in blood oxygen saturation, high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke and even premature death.

Insomnia includes difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep. It can cause simple lack of energy or lead to severe exhaustion during normal waking hours. Perhaps due to its prevalence, most insomniacs do not know that their sleeplessness is treatable.

Restless legs syndrome / Periodic limb movement disorder
An uncomfortable, painful or tingling sensation in the legs creates an almost irresistible urge to move them, making it difficult to fall asleep. Once asleep, sufferers may twitch their arms and legs and awaken frequently from the movement.

Narcolepsy is characterized by uncontrollable daytime sleep attacks. Sufferers of the condition, a disorder of the central nervous system, may fall asleep when they want to stay awake, even while driving a car or eating a meal.

For more information on the sleep disorder clinic at Aspirus Grand View, or to make an appointment, contact your physician or the cardio-pulmonary services department of Aspirus Grand View at (906) 932-5330, ext. 6279.