Health Services


Aspirus Grand View is a member of the Upper Peninsula Telehealth Network (UPTN). A collaborative venture among health care organizations, the network is based at Marquette General Hospital. Various federal and state grants, along with local commitment for matching funds, has enabled this network to develop and expand. The network includes 38 sites in Michigan's Upper Peninsula and connects to virtually anywhere in the world.

Telemedicine is long distance medical care. It allows a patient to be at a medical appointment without traveling to the specialist's office. Using video technology, the patient can see and hear the doctor. The doctor can do more than see and hear you. Patient exam cameras, electronic stethoscopes and other telemedicine equipment help your doctor assess your needs.

The telemedicine appointment will be set up similar to a regular appointment. You will receive a call confirming the date, time and place.

The telemedicine appointment will take place at a hospital or clinic near you. During your visit, a nurse, an additional health care provider, or even a family member may be present.

You will be able to see and talk to your doctor, just like you would during a regular office visit.

Telemedicine visits are similar to other medical visits for payment purposes. Your visit may be covered under a bundled fee, or your insurance carrier can be billed for the consult.

For more information on Telemedicine at Aspirus Grand View, speak to your physician.