Gogebic Range Health Foundation

Gogebic Range Health Foundation

The Gogebic Range Health Foundation is directed by a board composed of community leaders who share in the spirit of “giving back to the community.” Our goal is to establish a sizable fund for helping meet community needs in rural health care.

There are many ways you can give to the foundation:

Gifts That Pay You Money

With planned or deferred gifts, you may be able to preserve income and gain tax benefits while supporting the hospital. Gifts that pay you income include:

  • Charitable gift annuities
  • Pooled income funds
  • Charitable remainder trusts
  • Charitable lead trusts

Gifts of Money or Property

Personal gifts in the form of checks, MasterCard or Visa payments, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, or other securities.

Commemorative Gifts

Often made in memory of a loved one or in celebration of a special event.

Endowed Gifts

Maintains the principal of your gift in perpetuity while the interest is used to fund today’s programs.


Make the Gogebic Range Health Foundation a beneficiary through not only just a will or a trust but also a retirement plan, life insurance policy, IRA, or mutual funds.

For more information about the Gogebic Range Health Foundation and ways to give, please call us at (906) 932-7087.